Korperwelten (German for Body Worlds, by which it was called in some countries) is an anatomical/art(?) exhibition put on by German anatomist Professor Gunther von Hagens, in which he displays people preserved through his newly-developed plastination technique, which involves saturating the body with special plastics. Real people (dead, that is) are displayed in everyday poses with various parts of their internalities showing, i.e. skeletons, muscles, nerves, etc. A grotesque yet strangely fascinating idea. On particular man is standing holding his entire body's skin in his hand, with all his underlying muscles flexed and tensed accordingly. People playing chess, posing, and riding horses are also present. Organs are exposed showing inner workings.

The exhibition started in 1998. Unfortunately, the exhibition hasn't yet gotten to America or Australia, but has been seen by more than 8 million people in Japan, Germany, Austria and Belgium. All the cadavers were consenting donors.

For more information visit www.koerperwelten.com (yes, the website is spelt like that, but the name isn't. Don't ask me).