Neurotically Yours - A flash animation series by Jonathan Ian Mathers of Ill Will Press (

This series follows the non-adventures of Germaine the goth chick and her pet squirrel, Foamy. Tastefully done (no nudity, though suggestive in places), this series mostly involves Foamy the Squirrel ranting about his peeve of the day, while Germaine, his owner, tries her best to ignore Foamy and write bad poetry.

The remainder of this writeup contains a complete episode guide, up to 06/12/2003, updated as IWP releases new episodes. Note that several of the episodes below (such as those labelled "interactive") do not appear as part of the "official" Neurotically Yours series, though they come from IWP and include the same characters as the rest of the series. These no longer appear on the IWP website, though the reader may still view them at Newgrounds, or any of a number of flash collection sites on the web.


Distractions (12/28/2002?) - Foamy makes a general nuisance of himself while Germaine types. No words.

Pen of Doom (12/28/2002?) - Germaine annoys a library patron (to death) with a clicky-pen. No words.

Innuendo Stare Down (01/04/2003) (interactive) - Germaine fellates a lollipop while staring down the viewer. You will lose. No words.

Shower of Terror (01/06/2003) - Germaine does a variation on the Psycho/Scream bathing scene, with the obvious "surprise" ending. Poor rubber duckie. No words.

Cemetery Flakes (01/14/2003) - Germaine catches up on her stargazing while lying in a graveyard. Foamy speaks for the first time, and practices a little amatuer necromancy.

Squirrel Pulpy Fiction Thing (01/15/2003) (interactive) - Foamy speaks articulately for the first time, encouraging the viewer to "rough [Germaine] up" a tad, a la a scene in Pulp Fiction.

Foamy Thoughts (01/17/2003) - Foamy talks nonstop while Germaine types and ignores him. We learn the location of Germaine's parents.

Maid of Horror (01/24/2003) (interactive) - Germaine the french maid provides "fan service" with a (predictable) twist. No words.

Squirrel Talk (01/31/2003) - Foamy rants while Germaine drinks a latte in a coffee shop. We learn Foamy's name for the first time (in the episode, not counting the title of "Foamy Thoughts").

Almost Serious Suicide (02/07/2003) - Germaine contemplates suicide while Foamy taunts her. Foamy sings for the first time (poorly, but far catchier than one might imagine). "Ah Boom boom booooom, ba-dooooom, booboom!".

Coffee Stop (02/14/2003?) - Strange guy at a coffee shop hits on Germaine. She kills him. Foamy babbles. First speaking role other than Foamy (not Germaine).

The Lollipop (02/23/2003?) - Germaine saves a lollipop from impending doom. No words.

A Postal Event (02/28/2003) - Germaine waits in line to mail a package while Foamy annoys the other people in line with her. Foamy sings (not much).

Club Advice (03/14/2003) - Germaine sits at a table in the back of a club, writing poetry, while Foamy rants about the how pathetic her life seems.

Foamy Fan Mail (03/28/2003) - Foamy replies to five emails from fans. Foamy rants about horny fanboys. "Your Lord and Master, Foamy".

A Musical view (04/11/2003) - Foamy rants about Metallica while Germaine listens to music. "Huaaahh!!"

Hypnotic Foamy (04/24/2003) - Germaine reads while Foamy tries to hypnotize her. Germaine speaks for the first time.

A Poetic Meal (05/08/2003) - Germaine orders fast food in a slightly unconventional manner. Another disposeable character speaks. "Meat... In a breaded enviroment!"

5 More Minutes (05/22/2003) - Foamy wants a bagel at 4:15am. With the cheese, the cheesy cheesy creamy cheesy, cheesy cheesy. Germaine wants to sleep for another five minutes. Beware the Squirrelly wrath.

Form Letter (06/04/2003) - Germaine responds to a form rejection letter from a potential publisher of her poetry. We finally learn Germaine's name.

Foamy Fan Mail 2: Postage Due (06/12/2003) - Foamy replies to five more letters from fans, including more ranting about horny fanboys, and much to our delight, Foamy sings for us once again.