I expected this site to become (sort of) cult. It has all the fascination of voyeurism (cf. Big Brother or Survivor). It's basically a step by step account of a woman's initial recovery from the end of her relationship.

If we were to just pretend that this site wasn't a fake for a moment, here are some things I have noticed about it.

  • The messages start off desperate. This woman is really upset by the breakup!
  • She then goes through phases of mad and almost calm.
  • We find out that Mark has been calling her back and talking to her, but we don't know what he's said.
  • In the womans "calm" messages, she has trouble not blurting out what she is actually feeling and slips up in her façade by repeating some key words and emphasizing some of them.
  • We know that we aren't getting the whole story because the woman starts complaining about some of the things he's said. If you ignore the stuff about not liking her anymore then you still have the stuff about him telling her off for going out. It isn't clear if this has been said before or after the breakup though.
  • She tries to force Mark to call her by accusing him of stealing and threatens to call the police. Sounds funny, and he obviously calls her bluff since she calls back and tell him never mind and don't try anything.
  • She tries to make him feel sorry for her by telling him that her father might be dying of prostate cancer, but we don't hear much about that.
  • The last 3 MP3s are in reverse order. If played in that order, then it sounds like she (once again) tells him that she will not call again but starts harassing him again. If you play them them in the order of the time stamps then the last one is where she tells him (calmy, as a matter of fact) that she will wait for him to call. "Goodbye"

A clear indication that we have only heard one side of the story, and probably won't ever here the other! Take this with a pinch of salt!

Update 03/03/03
It seems that this website has gone tits up. I will once again sit on the fence and only say the truth is out there, but it's likely we'll never find it out.