6 stops to go.
I flag down the bus and jump. My wallet stays in my pocket and I nearly drop it on the floor. I think I recovered my dignity when I gave the driver the correct change. I turn around, looking up the bus for a spare seat.
Oh, there's one! Near that girl with the sunglasses.

5 stops to go
I walk up the bus and sit down.
You're looking at me. Your face is looking forward but I can see your eyes through the glasses. Is that interest I see?
The seat is diagonally behind her so I sit in the most comfortable position I can think of at that moment - with my back to the window so I could face her.

4 stops to go
I can see you perfectly here, admire your profile as you sit there. I look around at the other people on the bus but I always seem to end up looking at you.

3 stops to go
What this, you're moving.
She's facing all of the posters around the top of the bus and still doesn't know that I can see her eyes.
You're looking at me, aren't you.

2 stops to go
I am blatently looking at her now. She's looking at me now, not pretending anymore. I smile. You smiled back!

Next stop
Wow, is this really happening? You are gorgeous and you're looking at me?
My heart is thumping
I don't know what to do! I don't think I'm just sweating because of the heat now. My brain is getting fuzzy so I just smile and lean forward ever so slightly and she brush's her hair back.

My stop
I have to get up now, it can't be helped! The bus stops and I get off but I still have to know!
I'm standing outside of the bus now with nothing to lose so I just watch as she pulls away. She smiles at me regretfully and I can see her deflating.
Oh well, perhaps another time.