Hi there all.

I haven't noded in a while, so if you think this doesn't read very well, please forgive me.

I started out at my girlfriend's, stayed in bed for ages snuggling up. We got up just before midday, (I love the fact that I no longer work and I have 2 weeks before the start of the next year at uni) an we watched a bit of friends and some general TV. She made me a milo (ask someone australian) which is just the same and just as nice as Tonimalt (ask someone french). I watched a bit of Diagnoses Murder which had a guest appearance with Quincy or whoever that actor is.

I cycled home and no more than 300metre from my front door and I met Gemma, who I used to work with at Victoria Wine. We decided we'd have to for a drink with some of my other ex-collegues and I did. It was nice.
I met some people by chance that I hadn't seen since college another guy I hadn't seen for months and got a phone call (on my mobile) from my best mate who's just got back from Ireland.
Back to the action, we were drinking and an ex-ex-colleague joined us, Gemma's sister. I hadn't seen her for at least a year and we chatted and talked and we all had a good time. We went for a curry which was very nice. We went back to Gemma's for a coffee atfer.

I don't know what it was but just feel mellow and sensitve just now and wanted to share it with everyone before I go to bed. It might not make much sense compared to actually felt to me but it was nice. I just can't get the words to go write to let you all know.