Today I had an interview at at 6pm at Bar XS, a pub in Fallowfield. It was a goup interview. Out of the 12 people asked to come, 7 turned up and only 4 of us were to come out with jobs.
To cut a long story short, I got the job. Straight away I then got my Bar XS shirt and a tour of the place. Next was learning to use the tills and then we got assigned to a member of staff who showed us how to pour a pint of beer. The handling customers bit was no trouble since I spent 2 years serving people in various states of sobriety in a Victoria Wine in Stockport.

The night progressed and I served beer. Everyone was tripping all over each other with an extra 4 new staff behind the bar.
At the end of the night, the ar shut at 2am and clearing up lasted until 2:45. I collected my tips (£3.80) and went and got a pizza with one of my new work mates and walked to my girlfriends house to rest my poor feet and my heavy eyelids.