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Plan B.
A [fallback] plan in case the [original] goes wrong. Usually instituted after:-

  • The death of the friendly [contact] on the [Libya|Libyan border].
  • The death of a fellow [spy]/[dignitary] at the hands of the friendly contact on the [Libya|Libyan border].
  • [Annihilation] the the [brand new|brand spanking new], [dog's bollocks] [SUV] made especially for extracting yourself from [Oh Fuck|messy situations like this].

Plan B is usually actioned when not expected to be needed and as a result, often made up '[on the fly]'. In the age old tradition of things, it would not be a proper Plan B if it had been planned in [advance].

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The name of a "[morning after pill]" ([levonorgestrel]), which is available on prescription. --[Oolong]