In short: I'm back

The long story goes like this -
About 3 months ago, I realised that I was spending more time on e2 than revising for my finals and doing my dissertation project. I decided that it would be best that I give my girlfriend access to my account so she could change the password and email to something I couldn't get. Access was to be reliquished after I had finished my last exam - yesterday!

Here follows a brief account of my celebrations.
9pm - meet friends from Bar XS in the Orange Grove, Fallowfield.
3 pints later, go to Robinskis, also in Fallowfield.
2am - meet boss from work, with assorted other staff, and head back to said bar for a swift pint.
7:45am - get out of the bar, having had a lot more to drink (a couple of bottles/hour - /me is pissed)
7:50 - Get the full english breskfast from Happy Days kebab shop and retire to a lonely campus computer room.
The rest is history!