A couple of interesting things over the past few days, but nothing much really. On Tuesday, the house phone rang at 6:55am which I had to answer. It was a flatmate late for work and wanted to chatto another flatmate. I wasn't the most chuffed person in the world after that but OK. I am learning Java now at work. My old project doesn't need me any more and there isn't enough time left on my placement to get started on anything new. I decided I would study for my Java Certification on company time and when I get it, they will give me a bonus!

An unfortunate result of being off any sort of project means that the manager can pick on me for 'odd jobs'. This means that I spent a good deal of this morning and an hour after lunch (which didn't involve the pub as normal because of this) tracking down which computer is connected to which wall socket and from there, which socket is connects to what connection on the router in the server room. Fun!
It didn't help that I've been slightly hung over again today. I went out to see a film with my girlfriend last night. We decided to meet a couple of friends for a drink ater, certainly nothing much. We ended up manically dancing in 'The Attic' at 2am. /me is very tired!

Nodeshell Challenge
Just close your eyes and dance
Something I thought about doing when I was drunk alst night. Unfortunately, there's not a snowball's chance in Hell that I actually do this title any justice. What can you do with it?