This is the first Babylon 5 movie.
It is taken from Londo Mollaris point of view some years after the original series is supposed to have finished. He has become emperor of the Centauri Republic after it was sacked by the Drakh. He meets 2 children who are wondering around the palace. They ask him if he will tell them a story. One of love, honour and glory - one that actually happened. So he tells them some of the story of Babylon 5. Before it came into being, how the Minbari and Humans made first contact and the resulting war.

This is an amazing film, but not for those who want a soppy romance. A must see for B5 fans. J. Michael Straczynski succesfully manages to make all characters look the right age for the time the film is set (even Susan Ivonava who is supposed to be 17ish).

This was originally supposed to be the pilot episode for the series but as was to be the tradition for B5, the network execs decided that no, it didn't stand up properly and they had to make another one. One that actualy featured the station itself.

This film also features my favourite B5 monolgue.