Last night I had my first dream in ages. It was one of those epic dreams. I was going around looking for a new place to stay next year when the lease on the house runs out. I nhad an appointment to meet a Landlady and so went to meet her. How I got there is a bit of a mystery, perhaps one of those dream sequence 'skips' that just happen. Anyway, I'm in this house (the front room actually) which is completely bare apart from a couch along one of the walls. The lighting was positively yellow with the bare 40 watt light and the magnolia walls. The landlady was lying on the couch and we were talking when I realised that she knew about all the trouble I had last year with my landlord and how he refused to give me back my deposit for 3 months. She told me that she now owned that house and she would pay me the deposit back in full, all £200 and then for some reason told me that she would pay me that again for some reason I couldn't figure out. The conversation skipped on (literally - this is a dream y'know) and the landlady says that she doesn't have to pay me with money, she has lots of things I might be interested in. I thought wow, and promptly asked her for a playstation.

Thinking about it now, I'm sure that you can put an interesting interpretation on this.