Well, after coming back from the pub last night (only 3 pints) and having lost the pub quiz to win the booby prize. (17 points after 4 rounds caused us to "scuttle" ourselves, to lose with a little panache - we decided to have a laugh with the picture round). Kebab, tea, trying out homeworld mods, bed at 1:15am.

Wake up at 7:19am

Sleep at 7:20am

Wake up at 8:25am

Up showered, dressed and listening to Radio 1 by 8:55 - Wu Tang Clan's new 'chewn', as it was described, is very good.

At work at 9:15. A very rare occurence - especially since I was booting up the computer and simultaneously feeling awake and alert. Completely unheard of!

The client has (once again) failed to provide any devices for us to test so I can mess about until it's time to give them the status report at the end of the day and remind them I'm doing nothing.
At least I'm honest about it!

All in all, quite a nice start to the day.