I didn't think I'd be noding for a couple of weeks. I'm just going on holiday and that 55 minute delay won't seem too long if I'm on the internet.

Started the day normally, wake up next to Sarah and have breakfast. Get up and have breakfast. I only had to get the bus at 1pm to get the train to Euston to get the tube to Tottenham Hale then train to Stanstead.
No prizes for guessing what happened next.
I waited at the bus stop until 2 when the bus finally arrived (2 actually - typical). The bus hit traffic, delaying me another 30 minutes.
Me at Euston must have been a funny site. You might have seen a guy carrying 2 bags, running like a bastard and sweating like a pig towards the tube station. Tottenham Hale was a similar situation.

All in all, I brought it the delays down to 15 minutes (the guy who gave me the route must have factored in delay times) from the original ETA.

Now the flight is delayed 55 minutes and I'm sitting in an internet cafe in the departure lounge getting charged £7.60 an hour.