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mission drive within everything
satan. actually, i'm somewhat of a nihilist. ask tom.
being the object of obsession, apparently. ask them. i don't know why the fuck they like me, though. they should like rhiannon. fleetwood mac. fucking like it.
yeah right. not MY school or company.
"smile, you're going to die someday."
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i like shit. i'm not "into" anything, except maybe good music, good people, good stuff, evil music, evil people, and evil stuff. oh wait, technically that encompasses everything that isn't neutral, or a slight variation thereof. i would apologize for not being all cool aboot it in my profile, like everyone else, but i really don't give a fuck. in fact, i take that back, i'm waiting for that "jesus, your profile is fucking stupid, god you suck", so we can have a discussion, then you'll realize that you want to slime your way into my pants, and we'll have a funny story aboot how we met each other. Go. fucking like it, too.

in case you were wondering, i am, in fact, a chick. bone me.