Having spent a good part of my life in Alabama, I have noticed that to those who proudly display the Confederate Battle Flag know very little about its true history or significance. To those who have the stickers on their dented pickup-truck bumpers, it is a "rebel" flag - rebelling against integration in the workplace, having to 'fight for jobs with n.....s' and 'work for the north.' Regardless of its historical significance and proud heritage, it has become a symbol of union and accordance among low-income white southerners with racist attitudes.

Yes, the north was the first party to burn down entire cities and the south was miserably beaten after fighting to the bitter end. Frankfurt, Ulm and Berlin were also bombed to the ground and Germany struggled to win the war, losing many patriots. Neither excuses griping or an evil motive; arguing that the flag stands for continued resistance is simply pretensious - 99% of people with a confederate flag as a bumper sticker couldn't name three civil war battle sites if their lives depended on it.