I don't encourage binge drinking. In fact, I can't stand it. But one thing I can stand even less is kids throwing up all over the place when they had too much. Hence the reason for this node:

Binge drinking is the practice of drinking to the point of throwing up or passing out; sadly common among high-school males seeking to prove themselves. On rare occasions this can cause blackouts, periods of time which don't register in one's memory. Considering one's state of mind and range of actions when under such an influence, this can be seen as a blessing.

The Rules:

     Don't mix colours of liquors: If you drink hard brown stuff, don't switch to clear or creamy. Decide what you want early on and stick with it, or it probably won't stick with you.

     It's not the amount that gives you a hangover, it's the toxins: The reason you're sick the next morning is because your body has to destroy all the toxins you poured in the night before (the alcohol itself is gone as soon as you sober up.)

     The alcohol with the least toxins is most of the time also the priciest, since aging is the only way to remove them. Different types of alcohol also have different levels of toxins, with Vodka having the least and Brandy having the most.

     Grease it up! Alcohol enters the bloodstream (where it delivers its positive effect) through the liver, not through the stomach, so we want to avoid the contact of alcohol with out stomach walls. The best way to do this (besides injection :P ) is to coat your stomach walls with oil / fats. (For all you non-bio majors: Alcohol is non-polar, so by adding a layer of lipids (polar) we can successfully erect a barrier between the alchol and our stomach walls.) Eat something greasy for dinner, or just down some sardines on the way to the party.