Appearantly bozon hasn't been on too many twelve-hour flights - otherwise she would know how soon these things get boring. Here are my suggestions:

  • Take your shoes off, get comfortable - it'll be a long ride
  • Do drink alcohol. For one it's free and they never card you, plus the buzz will help you sleep. In case you didn't know, the altitude severly limits your tolerance. Also drink water to make up for the liquid-loss.
  • Talk to the people beside you. Chances are, they're as bored as you are... there are some really interesting people on transcontinental flights.
  • Go to the bathroom during the movie, or between mealtimes. 40% of the flight you'll be blocked by massive lines or mealcarts.
  • Put on some facial lotion before the flight. Yes, only little girls use face lotion, but once that air has been cycled for twelve hours straight and the stubble kicks in you'll be able to use your face for sandpaper.
  • Accumulate a sleep-debt before taking off. This will help you sleep at whatever odd times the destination timezone requires.
  • If you want extra water or a soda, just go to the back where the flight attendants hang out and ask them. They'll give you one, they're also good for chit-chat and finding out about things to do at your destination.