I hate to add to this node. I mean, I know I shouldn't, but I've recently overheard a similar argument in which I had to say:

The bible is the word of god, if you're a fundie. Word != Letter, in fact the bible was passed on verbally for hundereds of generations. That which went unsaid was recorded in pictures, so splitting hairs about numbers is like arguing over what the Lucky Charms manufacturers must feel if the box contains twice as many marshmallow hearts as it does rainbows.
To the fundies: it's the message that counts, not the literate "facts."

To any people with a bit more sense, Christians and Non-Christians alike: the picture bit continued well into the new testament. Jesus rising from the dead is (according to many modern theologists) analogous to the spirit of his life persisting after his physical demise. This - as far as I can reason - was taken and then garnished by his followers. At the least, we know that it's pointless to carry on about the details of the Bible. If you've ever read the thing, you know it's the big picture that counts...
I know a girl who is -uhm- "outgoing" in a plethora of ways, prideful and all that, but she picks on a friend of mine for mistakenly eating chicken on Friday during lent. He's abstinent, humble and a friend to all.

It's the message that counts, not the literate "facts."