'Tis the second day of work at the new job. My car CD player is about to kick the bucket, whenever I hit any bump and at random intervals it thinks the fast forward/next track button is pressed. There is no time to fix it until Sunday, and two more hour-long commutes until then - Fuck me gently with a glowing, pulsating chainsaw, brother.

Work is actually getting to be fun, most of the cow-orkers are old cynical types who spout of their opinions to the radio... Working on Mardi Gras floats rocks also, it's just arts and crafts with power tools. If that weren't enough, I'm making $50 a day, go home at three and get weekends off.

On the way home I picked up my voodoofest ticket, I'll probably ride with Jason, maybe Clair will ride with him also - I doubt it, though it would be coo'.

Any everythingers going to voodoofest? /msg if you want to chill or maybe party after the festival...