This log encapsulates both Saturday and Sunday, as they tend to merge quite a bit - allow me to explain. After typing that daylog, Jason and I headed out to see Auburn's homecoming game; to avoid having to purchase a ticket I borrowed another student's ID card. We passed clear through, but after turned got too hot we decided to ride around campus and wait for the end of the game - and the following BBQ. Kevin's pad was deserted, but we chilled for a minute and saw if the game was on TV. It wasn't, we kept on driving and ran into Ethan and Robbie, whose three-foot bong I had to decline. After all, I quit. When we ran into Ben, he told us that he already ate, and xnay on the BBQay.


      We picked up some food and played bball with Phil Greer and some other kid, then Jason headed back to take a shower. At Brett's again, people congregated and the bowl was passed. Again, I held to me resolutions of not smoking... We headed out to a neighbor house, where several old SPS people were hanging out, and yes, hitting a bong. It really seems that about half of Auburns population smokes... this is a bad time to quit, I just then realize. About twenty-five people (everyone in the room) smoked, filling the air with that scent. I begin to see the evening turning to shite otherwise, I hit it. Immediately afterwards I felt like crap, once again. This time though, it was kind bud. Soon after, I was feeling better. I knew this was the last time I'd smoke it, I never even consider it unless I'm surrounded - which won't be the case at GT. Maybe it's some type of social addiction, it'd be interesting to look into. This high group joined with another at another apartment, which included the girl I had met the night before. We talked until she had to get ready, then proceeded to a Phi party with a bunch of SPS graduates. More talk ensued, she thanked me for the many complements she had received on the outfit I had helped her pick. I radiated. She had used her fake to get in, and offered to get me a beer - she returned with it, singing, and stuck the change in my shirt pocket, an inch from my face. ^_^

As the place was clearing out, we all returned to hers. There wasn't a lot of talk in the car, but once back at her's we talked and I got her number and email addy.


      I was on cloud nine - Brett lives two doors down, so we trolled back to his place. Jessica, Pat and Brett were chilling, the whole room was smoke filled. We all talked for a good three hours, possibly the best three hours of the whole trip. We had all barely known each other in high school, but through the narcotics we all bonded. It was great, we remnisced and talked about the positive aspects of everyone... regardless of how hippy-ish it sounds, it was incredible... actual lasting bonds were formed. Maybe this is the use of drugs? That, in our times, people lack the communalistic sense of the nineteen sixties and use extasy and kind bud to make up for it... Around four-thirty, we returned to Jason's, made some cereal and watched Simpsons.

"You know you smoke too much of that shit - that shit's gonna rob you of your ambition!" - "Not if my ambition is to get high and watch TV all day." -Jackie Brown.

The drive back was beautiful though tiring - heading west, I was able to watch the entire sunset over the time of three hours.