Finally the sun rose, as I was about to throw up from the masses of coffee and diet coke. The project had reached completion, at least until the client from hell would stop by again. Resting for a few hours, I layed down upon the couch and buried my face deep within the pillows. Then the phone rang, it was him, Client from Hell, wanting to set up a meeting for the afternoon. Drudgingly I accepted and passed two hours watching an R-rated movie with my thirteen year old brother.
The phone rang again, it was the client, he wanted to come over immediately. I agreed, but reeked of cloves when he stopped by. That's what he gets. Some more 'suggestions' were made, and we agreed that the final product would be ready on the following morning. The rest of the day was spent writing and running errands for my disorganized and disfunctional family, at least I managed to bring Sins of the Fathers to a close. Now it's time for editing. Great.

It's four A.M., I feel as if someone else is in the room, colored patterns are forming in front of my eyes and the cold sweat is becoming unbearable. Time for sleep.