Again, many things happen after midnight. Towards the last hour of the fourteenth we were hanging out at Patricks, upon having procured some Guinness extra stout. Thad showed up, and Jason, Brien and him smoked out. I had some xtc cigs and beers... we ended up at Thad's house (thank god I wasn't driving) and chilled there for a bit before getting back to our respective homes. Christin never called back, Jason said he wasn't interested in her because she talks too much. Hmm. She'd be long distance anyway, oh well. I'm still kinda gone, it's 4 A.M. and I'm clocking out.

Painful reality settled in around one P.M. The beers and smoke had settled in my head, and was trying to find a way out. Slowly, I shuffeled to the terminal and checked my xp. The day was spent recuperating, watching Television and sinking into more and more of a depression. I won't find meaning in this semester which is not, if I'm lucky I'll finish my book. I didn't sleep that night, the layout is due this morning, thirty minutes from the completion of this entry. At least this nightmare is over.