I need to break this 2:30 P.M. curse, it's making my whole day disappear quite fast. It was today I realized that Beer and Coke manufacturers are in deadly competition with each other. How do I know this? Well, I have very little space on my computer desk, forcing me to stack cans. Coke and Beer cans have different diameters, making them near unstackable. Therefore I must decide... Beer or coke. Can't have both. Terrible.

Mr. Client decided to stop by today, and I managed to keep from choking him. The same guy as yesterday. He speaks v e r y slowly, and even worse, repeats everything three times. As if that weren't irritating enough, he stutters. Badly. So you have this guy, stuttering while talking slow, repeating everything three times so I get it for sure. And always making sure I can do this or that, never knowing quite what the hell he is talking about. Grrr.

Roland told me that he would play some of my tracks on NYU's radio station, so if you're up there, keep an ear open. It's three A.M., my layout is due at six, wish me luck.

And to whoever downvotes dreamnodes, whether they be mine or someone elses: What is your deal? Should we not dream in such offensive ways, or do you just not grant us these tidbits of our lives in which we do not have to deal with wankers like you?

It seems that I was one day off with my daylogs so far. So herein follows what happened on the calendarical October 13, after I woke up.
Client called around 10 A.M., left me a message to call him back - it turns out he can't open a zip file. Does this guy dress himself?
Jason's coming into town tonight, so we'll have to see what that results in.