After rolling out of bed around 2:30 P.M., I realized I was supposed to meet Matt (the guitar guy) at two. Not having his phone number, I washed up, got dressed and raced to his house, only to be informed that he was out to lunch.

Oh well. Thad lives closeby, so I drove over to his place where his sister was loading a tent into her car. She was on her way back to New Orleans, having used Mobile as a base for her camping trip. We chatted about camping and Jazz for a bit and I went up to Thad's room to find him passed out. Try as I might, he was out for good, not even his sister sitting on him could get him to move. She muttered: "Only drugs can do this to a kid," and was right. Good ole Thad had dropped two hits of acid after the show and went to school after staying awake until five a.m.. I played solitare and talked to his sister some more before deciding to leave.
At this time Matt was back at his house and we listened to my demo CD. He liked it and we decided to meet up Sunday for a session.

At this point it was five, and I spent a few hours writing and talking on #e... called Andreea around 10, not much is up with her. Jon, a client, called around 11 and said that he is interested in some layouts in exchange for a few hundred dollars, talking to him tomorrow at 3. Hell yeah. =)