Work wears me out these days... probably because I end up noding until 1:30 in the morning, only to get up four hours later and do physical work. Finally the shell-sculpture is done, it took long enough. Alfonz, my co-worker, has real Tourette's syndrome. It is amusing, he'll say things without thinking at all.

"Hey, Alfonz, what do you think of Steve (Boss)?" I cry out. Before I could blink, he responds: "Oh Steve, he an a'hole!" Steve of course heard this and asks Alfonz what he said. "Have a nice day Steve, have a nice day."

Later at lunch
Me: "Alfonz, someone once said that the explicitive is the scream of an empty mind. What do you think about that?" Al: "Oh, who'e'a said that's an ass'ole. Who'e'a said that's the king of all ass'oles."
Steve: "But if he wouldn't cuss, he wouldn't have a vocabulary!"
Alfonz twiches violently, blinks in rapid succession and utters:"'ave a nice day."

I get home at four and sleep until eight. Waking up tired and worn has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. Especially when you're at your parents' house and you mom made dinner.