Sunday has turned into a day of recovery - Jason drops me off around 2 AM, I stumble into the computer room and check my stats. Nothing to write home about. Starved, I fix myself a snack and head off towards bed. Then, as I am about to brush my teeth, blackout. And I can barely walk straight. My mother tells me that she is hearing sounds from the back of the house, I need to find the flashlight - the flashlight is in the back of the house. Ass. I stumble my way throgh the dark, suppressing my active imagination and find the flashlight. Returning to my bed, I pass out.

Eleven o' clock sees my face for a few minutes, I resolve to call Claire and we play phone-tag while I do some noding and deal with my massive beer-hangover. Should have stuck to hard liquor. Next time I'll know better. Eventually she comes over, we talk about her and how she is doing... Her father gave her a sheet of questions she needs to ask herself in order to be happy.

Yesterday I found a sheet that my parents made me sign when I was nine; warranting that they do not allow me to play with matches. I hate how they treated me, in their legalistic ways. Grasping the page and a book of matches I descend into the back yard and burn it.