Another Monday. These things are so generic. Took my cd-r to Thad's, George was over and they were playing on Thad's new Dreamcast. I'm introduced to the idea of getting a psx2 tomorrow, before they hit stores and reselling it (in the box) before xmas for over twice the price. That's $300, but I could easily sell it for eight, I'm told. I'll bite, there are only 500,000 in the US and I know some of those rich-asses at my health club will shell out $800 for their brat on x-mas. I don't know what I'll use the money for, though I'm sure I'll need it.

Once home, Alexander and I watch half of seven and then pick up mother from the Airport. The president of Degussa-Huels South America turned sixty and retired, causing him to throw a gigantic party for all high-ranking employees. Huzzah, I got a clay statue and flute, as well as two painted fishies.

The presidential race is still undecided, although hand-recounts have been approved. Regardless of how often they count them, there'll be a big enough margin of error to make the actual winner underterminable. Is this a sign of voter apathy (only the equally thin extremes vote) or red poop - blue poop candidate similarities? Probably both.