Another day, standard issue save for a few incongruencies.
I'm late for work - again. Luckily, so is my boss. My recent lack of sleep has left me irritable and utterly sarcastic at my coworkers attempts at humor and 'deep' discussions. Who are they anyway, this is a temp job, not a career.
A nap awaits at home, I awake with heartburn from the snacks I ate before passing out. I fix myself more food and node a bit, reading a lot of writeups along the way. Claire emails me asking me when I'll get to Auburn (I'm going again this weekend) and Carrie informs me that she is in town. We agree to meet, and around 11:30 PM I arrive at Carrie's house. She had been having some problems with her long time boyfriend, for a while they were broken up, but now they're back together and she feels bad. ::sigh:: We talked about our lives and memories under the stars and drew some common themes. It was enjoyable I say now, before having to get up for another eight hour shift in five hours. God bless America.