The day before oral surgery... two days into my spring break and I'm already doing network stuff again. What the hell is my problem? Alexander is bound and determined to set up a linux server for his home network. That's what I get for telling him about a real OS. His 'server' consists of a K6-2/333, 64 ram, 8 gig HD, CD-ROM, questionable network card and a cuuute linux penguin. I want his little box to run and him to get aquainted with the good side of the internet (looking at it from a *nix environment.)
Right now it's grinning at me with an "operating system not found." I probably need to reinstall, but that will take ages over the 2x.

I also had the chance to talk to Laura and Carson on the phone, who I will be visiting over the weekend in their New Orleans home. That will definately be a blast, hella-looking forward to that. Then, when I get back to Atlanta I'll get to hang out with the one and only Jessica Pierce. Now I just have to save money for my roadtrip so I can dig up Bart's scary basement and have some tea with Dem Bones.

One day. Maybe