Just some add-ons:

Know your obscure state laws - For example, in Alabama a ticket is void if you were braking when the cop passed and/or clocked you.

Stay in the left lane - most cops will hide out on the side of the road, which will leave the rightmost lane the most exposed. Also, the right lane is where cars get on/off side-roads, so it is a lot more accident-prone. On the interstate as well as city-roads and highways, speeding in the right lane is just asking for it.

Aside from those two, Alexzander is right about keeping your eyes peeled - during daytime, it's fairly easy to spot cop cars from a distance with any practice - look out for Ford Tauruses and Lincolns, memorize their headlight shapes and focus on the roof (sirens). At night, look for break-lights ahead announcing the passing of a cop car. Also, look out for on-ramps when traveling on the interstate. Many a time will a cop race down an on-ramp and fly through the first two clusters of cars to pick off the speeders, this is especially true within city limits. Watch your backs and be safe.