My grandmother's house had somehow moved to Barcelona, into one of the side streets off of Republica. She had a dead squirrel in her pool, and I had to burry it. In her backyard there was a place where her old cat, blackie, was buried. I seemed to have forgotten that, and uncovered the cat's remains - the smell was overwhelming and reached inside the house.

Another one of my responsibilities was selling her old computer, for which I went across the street to my old computer teacher's office. I was informed that he wasn't home and that I should email opendoor.waynedivorced@(forget).org.

Jason had built a secret base in the mountains, and I was shown with an overhead view of the concourse. I used my beat up Ford Taurus to race to the cave. In there, however, I ran into my dad, who was complaining about my grandfather breaking something of his of personal value. He mentioned suing him. That made me sick.