Saturday: Andreea's Birthday, Thad's Birthday, Britney Spears' Birthday... I celebrated by sending off my package to girlface and hanging out with Thad and Courtney (the dude.) I met them at Dock's where I also saw (and got the email addy of) Aimee and some other people. Dock's puppy was jumping all over the place and chewed on my hand some. Hyperactive little guy. Dock and them were hitting a gas-mask, but I let it pass.
     We stopped by some girl's workplace (Subway) and they decided to smoke with her too. Courtney (the dude) brings up that the other girl working is a complete slut, I disbelieved him until she pulled some guy in through the drivethrough. Later, at Waffle House we ran into Jeremy and Wilco, they were going to go downtown, we decided we would catch up with them. Eventually we did end up downtown (After Rob and Thad took to the ditch behind his house, in the park) and found the punk-rock group. This was the first time in a long while I chilled with any of them, they all seemed sort of wasted. Jeremy cursed Jesus (whom he so loved months ago) and Wilco was talking smack and yelling in the streets.
     They bragged about hassling people at the entrance to some club (masquerades?) until the cops asked them to leave. As soon as we get to Daulphin Street, Jeremy decides to pick on some redneck making out with his girlfriend. Words were exchanged, then shoves, then Wilbert gets involved. When the cops pull up, it's two late - two 'punk rockers' with an entourage are picking on a helpless taxpayer and are arrested. Both are obviously drunk and underage, and Wilco has an outstanding sentence for five years (if he ever was arrested again...) We're forced to leave them and drive to Dan's apartment, Dan is Wilco's room-mate. He panics and calls a bunch of jails, but neither of the two are processed yet. It's a Saturday night, they'll be in holding for hours. Poor guys. Shouldn't have gotten in a fight in front of cops.

Wilco is the dude with the mohawk at , btw.