Ooooh! Why does he get to have so much money? I don't get to have all that money! He's an asshole because he doesn't share! If he gets all that money than why don't I get any?

Because he earned his. Money is an abstraction of value. The goods and services that people produce are traded for their approximate value in money. How much value do you produce? Probably about as much as you are getting paid for.

But I work my ass off every day! I slave over a hot stove-like-thing at McDonald's. It's hard! I deserve more!

No you don't. Any dolt can cook bad food at McDonald's. It's all about supply and demand. Your "skill" is in such great supply that it can fill the demand many times over. As such your skills are not worth a whole hell of a lot. Building a successful enterprise, however, is something that not a whole hell of a lot of people can do. Building a corporation that produces something for which there is little supply and great demand generates a huge amount of value, unlike flipping burgers.

The rich take advantage of the poor! They are just getting rich off of the sweat on my back.

No one held a gun to your head and forced you to take a job at McDonald's. You agreed to sell a service to McDonald's for a specific price. If you think the service you produce is worth more then, by all means, leave and find someone you can sell your services to who is willing to pay more.

Rich people have no more duty to other people than regular people do. When they go shopping they look for the best value at the lowest price. Paying more for something than it is worth is not nice, It's just stupid.