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mission drive within everything
To not be mistaken for pinkfish.
Taking myself too seriouslee.
I wish I knew, you know that? I really do.
I'm out there alright. Way out there. Thank you Goddess!
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A wise man once told me to hit myself over the head with a fish. I have been doing it ever since.
what level do you have to get before you can get a picture on your homenode?
- stewacide

That bad? I must see!
- Gorgonzola

Everybody! Stop being so interesting so I can go node or even do my homework!
- Shak

How is that any different to usual wharfinger behavior.
- Zerotime

We have to have babies now? Like this doesn't take up enough of my time.
- Walter

What can you contribute to the family tree? Coming soon to a theatre near you!
- WolfDaddy

i got a valentine from infinite bum.
- Infinite Burn