I'm inside a carnival house of mirrors and all I see is cracks in all mirrors distorting the image beyond recognition. As I walk around this maze of mirrors this haunting carnival music is playing on an un-tuned organ and I have a fluster of confusion in my mind.

Everything is fine and dandy but then there is a green streak that is flying around me. I steadily look in a mirror fragment and see a hauntingly ugly clown. I hate clowns they are my biggest fear.

He reprehends me and ties me to a carnival wheel that spins and spins and I get dazed and all of a sudden I’m seeing cars fly past me, I'm rolling down the 15 freeway on a carnival wheel butt-naked. All I see is the pointing fingers and agued faces in my direction and there is nothing I can do.

I woke up in a frantic manner and continued my day very disturbed