Just the two of us, tucked away in a nook. Amanda was smiling her cute, dimpled smile, and I stuck the tip of my tongue in her right dimple, eliciting a giggle from her; she had her forearms perched on my shoulder, gently tugging on the hair in the back of my head.

"Do you know there's a hole in your left back pocket?", I asked her.

"No. Where? On the outside?"

I stuck my index finger through the hole and gently poked her panties.

"Oh. I'll fix it later."

A pair of aprons landed on our heads. I peaked through an opening, and saw Ted, one of the owners of the restaurant, smirking at us.

"OK you two. Fun's over."

Time to go to work.

"And we get paid for this!", I whispered. Having already clocked in ten minutes before, we had been smooching on company time.

"Don't spend it all in one place."