NYC smartrockband of the early-80s, with Akron roots. Leader Chris Butler was in Tin Huey, peers of Devo; Patty Donahue, the face and voice of the band (Butler wrote the songs), was also from there. They were "new wave", but they were actually good - beneath the user-friendly surface (itself unusual for most Ze Records bands) there was much more wit and sting than the skinny-tie brigade could muster.

Biggest hit (really their only one): "I Know What Boys Like". There's also "Christmas Wrapping", one of the few Christmas songs I can stomach (bah! humbug!), and the theme to the Ridgemont Lite TV series Square Pegs.

Sax player Mars Williams went on to a stint with the Psychedelic Furs, and is now (still?) in Liquid Soul and in other bands.