I'm in the middle of early spring cleaning, not because I had some great urge to do it, but because so many items have gone missing of late. I've reached the point in the cleaning, I think, where the scavenger hunt of lost items, including...
  1. a Cheap*Bytes Red Hat 6.1 CD-ROM
  2. an old set of drive rails, necessary for installing a CD-ROM drive, to enable me to upgrade to RH 6.1
  3. a Tom Waits compilation cassette
  4. an old, tiny, tiny wrench, used for fastening the strings of an old Schecter guitar
  5. some old magazine articles, including one on the life and death of Chano Pozo
...and much, much, more (though nothing comes to mind as I write this) seems to be over, with at least the first four items (the important ones) found.

Having found, just now, the Tiny Tiny Wrench, I no longer have to move gingerly around the (synthesizer) keyboard, for fear of knocking the wrench into to-be-vacuumed oblivion, or of throwing it out by mistake, had it been oddly stuck to some piece of scrap paper or a paper towel.

I've found various long-forgotten items during the cleanup, like The Moosewood Cookbook and various odds and ends formerly used for soundmaking, like hubcaps and just-so pieces of cardboard and plastic. And now I'm past the midway point of cleaning up, meaning there's no more piles of books and magazines to step over, and there's a place to put the guitars, so I don't have to fear walking into them as I wander in the dark at 3 AM.

There's nothing like the joy of vacuuming without the fear of sucking up your one-and-only Tiny Tiny Wrench. Of course, it would be nice if I were far enough along in the process to actually vacuum - that comes next week.

Did you know? Sir Boones is the grandson of William "Count" Basie.