Asamoth, you either have a habit of catching me in a bad mood, or creating one in me. The latter applies right now. Firstly, in the late summer of 1988, polls showed Michael Stanley Dukakis with a double-digit lead over Vice President Bush. Did Professor Dukakis win the election? So maybe your gloating about seeing pollster tea leaves should become a bit more muted?

Secondly, before you whine about "weasels", learn to spell it right, or you'll get a "political script kiddie" tag mounted on your ass again.

Thirdly, before you whine about weasels, would you mind answering some questions for George W. Bush (they're a year old, but I think only one has been answered so far), a brainless, overgrown frat boy from a corrupt, though endearing, family, before you pick on some figure in a minor campaign fundraising snafu. Everybody does it, if you haven't bothered to look - there are Buddhist Temples everywhere, so to speak, yet people have managed to fixate on this Gore thing. We've had thirty years of "campaign finance reform" that has only served to delineate the shifting rules that divide "legal" unethical politics from "illegal" unethical politics. It's flat-out stupid and tendentious to fixate on small fry like Maria Hsia while ignoring big fish (or, more appropriately, sharks) like Dwayne Andreas. They all swim in the same polluted waters with thousands of other fishies and fishie-type things. Maybe we should put some elbow grease into cleaning the waters instead of playing ineffectual, partisan, immature little playground games, picking apart small fry.

Finally, in your guise as political and cultural orator, maybe you should take a whiff of your own advice: STFU.

There. I feel better now.