Redistribution of wealth? Any transaction is a redistribution of wealth - it's not like Moses stomped down from Mount Sinai with the dead solid perfect price of widgets and pork bellies enscribed by the Sharp Fingernail of De Lawd on clay tablets. When money changes hands, there's a little (or big, or medium) redistribution of wealth in the economic cosmos. That's how money is made. Or lost.

Earned Income Tax Credit is one of those sneaky things that allow lower-income individuals to get a little more cash, an odd adjunct to progressive taxation. There's a sales tax, a gasoline tax, and assorted other taxes and fees that people pay regardless of how much money they make, so EITC (or whatever the official acronym is) is a way, intended or not, to redress that regressive-tax (im)balance to some degree.

Pursuing a minimum-wage hike that's sane is like volunteering for root canal, but the pols (from both sides of the aisle) have managed to agree on letting EITC live. For now. It probably pales in comparison to the redistribution of wealth known as the defense budget, and the redistributions of wealth collectively known as "corporate welfare". Maybe you should complain about those first.