There's 13" of snow so far, and my ISP has gone kaput, probably due to the weather - this has happened before, though usually it's an ice storm thing. So I'm mail-free, and, at worst, can look forward to about a hundred mailing list posts and personal messages once the mail server is functioning again.

The amount of time spent playing in the snow will depend on whether or not I can find my gloves.

Nice to see that jes5199 is Noding for Numbers in a kewl way; I get to rummage through jwz's prose, including one of my faves: recreational dentistry. I tried to cool node it, but ended up cooling login instead. I was distracted. Now I know how Saige and BaronCarlos feel. I don't think the management have come up with a way to un-cool nodes yet. Maybe my efforts have helped.

I'm posting this via the free, plus free annoyances, AltaVista web-access thingy. The current version seems to be buggy - it keeps loading an ad graphic. I've had to open an extra window so that it can do its stuff and keep the annoyance to a minimum. But even then, when the ad loads, that window becomes the toplevel window on my screen, interrupting such things as the typing of this writeup. This is in addition to the ad that is permanently at the toppest-most level. There's a reason why AltaVista is only to be used in cases of dire emergency. "What do you want for free?"