Help!!! I'm a prisoner in Win95!!!

I'm in the middle of encoding and e-mailing some MP3s, both activities are proceeding at a snail's pace, a dead snail's pace. On top of that, my RealPlayer is exhibiting a 6.x series bug that requires a reboot to work around; I can't reboot until after the encoding and e-mailing. So I'm listening to RealAudio on Windows Media Player, probably wasting more precious CPU cycles than the RealPlayer. And I can't shut down WMP, because that would probably sever my internet connection and halt the sending of the current MP3; my workaround for my crappy ISP software and my crappier (but now secure!) Dial-Up Networking is to have an audio stream going whenever I connect via Windows.

And I'm now getting this recurring dialog box, telling me

There is not enough space for the system registry file C:\WINDOWS\USER.DAT

This has resulted from my sending the e-mails (.tmp files clogging up what remains of my meager C:), so I need to work on that, perhaps starting over, perhaps waiting until I can do this from Linux. But for now, I'm trying to delete or remove long-forgotten apps from the C: partition. If I just start over again, will that speed up the process?I don't know.

I tried to download and run BitchX for Windows, so I could visit #everything, but there's trouble with that as well; to investigate the problem is beyond my patience right now (I can't even find a damn README so far), but I'll get that thing working shortly. Yeah, right.

Aside from all that, everything's fine. Except that I've barely slept.

I long to see a bash prompt again.