It's night. I'm back in the big house. Do I still live here? I can't find my room, whether it's now mine or not. I see the door to Dr. ______'s room, so I go in there. She's gone, but I stay there, in the tidy, two-storey room. I do some research (it's a very girlie room, but it's chock-full of reference materials). Then I decide to leave. The clock radio is on, and I switch the station back to WCRB, where I imagine it was, because I want to hide all evidence of my presence in there.

Before I can leave, the lights go out. When they come back on, there's a woman with a sharpened pencil pointed perilously close to my eyeball. It isn't Dr. ______. I try to explain to her that I'm not an intruder, and how I thought this was still Dr. ______'s room. Eventually, I recognize her (it's Amy), and she recognizes me. We welcome each other. Some more housemates show up, and it's a convivial atmosphere. Matt remarks how Amy actually unabashedly likes me this time around, instead of the awkwardness (at best) she felt back when I had a crush on her.

We're all gathered in another room. Mine? I'm not sure. I give Amy a kiss on her back, but I'm not sure if it means anything, especially since I'm seated next to her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend?) and there are others with us in the room. It would be nice to be alone with her. Do I still live here?

Some of us are back in Dr. ______'s room. Amy's parents arrive, and I meet them for the first time, as they bring their suitcases in. They both unnerve me and make me feel at ease. Why are they here? Do I still live here? It would be nice to be alone with Amy.