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Following the lead of the bones, I made up a list of things that needed to get done (note to bones: this is what scrap paper is for). I locked Señor Mañana in the bathroom, and got some stuff done.

Some snail mail correspondence, for instance. The snail clings to life.

Since I was doing my once-a-week Windowsing, I decided to do updates on my Win95 setup. There were all these security upgrades, each requiring a reboot. Does MS think I'm made of time? I did one, and left the rest for later - so all you h4X0r types, if you can figure out my schedule, I'm yours for the taking.

The one security update I did was to the quaintly-titled "Microsoft VM" (their JVM); this was done in hopes that the updatebot would notice that the MVM wasn't working in IE5 (despite installing IE5 with it) and fix the situation. Didn't work.

I then downloaded the current MVM. Still doesn't work in IE. It works, as part of Win95 - as before - but no IE.

Downloaded the DirectX 7.0 stuff. Wouldn't install. There's also no longer an indication from the "Windows Update" page of what items are already installed. While all this was going on, I showered, wrestled the bird's nest that is my unkempt hair (I will leave it combed-back and rubber-banded henceforth), and prepared a short grocery-shopping list.

Another upgrade opportunity: the Real logo in the systray starts flashing. I click it, and there's a breathless dialog from Our Friends at Real. Come get the new, new, new! RealPlayer 7! It's actually still a version 6.x, with a few new doodads. My options are Oooh, tell me more! and Bring it on!. No Fuck off and die, corporate pigs! choice. Actually, there is a Save it for later, bud option, but it means I'll be greeted with the breathless dialog again if I even look at the Real logo. I'll try it later if DirectX 7 installs.

Nuked a bunch of E1 nodes (and it felt good!). I need to update my E2 home node, but it can wait until mañana.

Sorted my various mailing list mails, into their respective folders, or my own personal Marked for Destruction limbo. Found the .orc file I'd been looking for, amidst the haystack of the week's Csound mailing-list posts.

I'm still resembling Sainte-Thérèse de Lisieux, with a few odd respites.