An interesting afternoon nap. There was an earthquake (in the dream). Not a We're all gonna die! quake, but something minor on the Richter Scale, enough to make me think "Cool! My first earthquake!" I feel the rumble, and the floor seems to tilt a little. I go downstairs to survey the damage. No, there's no damage, and there's no tilt. Everything looks normal. I go to the kitchen, undecided about what to eat; I look at a stack of those flower-shaped cookies and choose that.

Then I wake up. My thoughts are on the food - once in a while I have dreams that contain food, and it usually means I'm hungry. In this case, it was true; I'd skipped breakfast, and lunch was just a random grab of a piece or two of junk food. Luckily, the Co-existing Spicy Chicken and Rice Surprise was slowly percolating in the oven during the "earthquake".

I don't have any flower-shaped cookies ("butter cookies"?), nor do they interest me. Where'd they come from?