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I had written in a previous writeup that I wasn't sure if the theme from The Huntley-Brinkley Report was by Beethoven. I wake up this morning, turn on the radio, and the first thing I hear is that very passage from Beethoven, from one of his symphonies, I think. I'll have to search AltaVista to find out which one (or keep listening to the radio), since there's now a link (above) to a Huntley-Brinkley node. Someday there might be a writeup there.

Starting in my college days, I have been partial to living, breathing composers (Stockhausen, Boulez, Crumb, etc), and I've only slowly begun in the past decade or so to explore music from before the late-19th century. So I'm still very Beethoven-ignorant, despite the efforts of Wendy Carlos, many years ago.

The reason why I woke up to Beethoven is because it's his birthday today. He's 229 years old. That's, like, old, y'know. "Blow out the candles Ludwig, but I ain't got all day" kind of old. It's his birthday, and some classical music radio stations around the world are having an all-Beethoven day, including, it seems, one of stations (all lame, BTW) in my locale.

PS: since I now hear the "Ode to Joy" motif (on the radio), this must be Beethoven's Ninth. Right? This knowledge all went in one ear and out the other, apparently, when I was a teenager, staying only long enough in the space between the aforementioned ears to be referenced during that semester's exams.

The week started with insomnia, continued with a stomach virus; it will end with... an ear infection? Rickets? Ebola? The wagering booth opens at 2200 GMT.