MC Frat Boy in the house, now hosting his own talk show. From Minnesota originally, by way of Los Angeles. He wore out his welcome at ESPN, where glib wiseasses like him are a dime-a-dozen commodity. He then wore out his welcome at Comedy Central's The Daily Show, with stunts like parading his foot-in-mouth disease on the pages of Esquire, alienating producer/creator Lizz Winstead.

So the sucker MC moves to CBS, where the network was trying to strong-arm Worldwide Pants into finding a more in the demo host than Tom Snyder for its second hour of late-night programming. The Late Late Show now languishes in Kilborn's demographically-correct hands, setting new standards in television vacuity. Who would have thought it possible? [The gig should rightly have gone to Jon Stewart -- a frequent Snyder guest and guest-host -- in the first place]

Where David Letterman and his staff, in his first few years, created "Top Ten", "Larry 'Bud' Melman", the "GE Handshake", Monkeycam, and _____cam, and made on-camera anti-stars of people like Paul Shaffer and Biff Henderson, Kilborn has given us 1) "Five Questions", something he came up with in a bar a few years back, while trying to pick up chix and 2) a great entrance, to the tune of "Play That Funky Music" - what can you say for a show that peaks in the first minute? God help us all if this is what you want on your idiot box.