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Old as the paleo channels of Mars I feel . . . 57 and my hair is still the same color its always been, and I don't get horny as often as I used too . . . but I still get just as. On the back end of the curve and trying to learn everything before the daylight goes . . . invisible to twenty year old girls, and that's as well 'cos I have no time left to putz about.

Born down under, but haven't been there lo, these thiry years or more. Started on computers when we used punch cards and teleprinters. Been designing print and color for printing press and video work since then too.

Got lucky when I was about 28 and married a Balinese of high caste, a real beauty she is and still turns heads at 47. I have been marvelling at the sight of her naked and the feeling of her silky skin ever since. And she's as tough as me, which is just as well. I nicknamed her "The Beast" for good reason. We've been at love and war for twenty five years now, and I am still thunderstruck by her. We have a son who's 22 and a great fellah. I never earned these splendid people.

Now I have found this wacky world of E2 it seems to fit well . . . hope I'm right.

Oh yeh . . . I have nerve damage in my dominant hand, makes it hard to draw, but I can force that, but sometimes my fingers get stuck between the keys (especially after a bottle of red with dinner ) so, forgive, hey?