Despite the fact that Caro and I seem to be falling asleep earlier and earlier each night, we also seem to be getting more and more tired by the day. This is largely due to the fact that my son (Luca) is in an irritable, insecure phase of his life. He got over an ear infection two weeks ago, and has been waking up every 45 minutes or so, and is very difficult to put back to sleep. I know you've probably all heard it before, but there's a big difference between eight hours of sleep uninterrupted and eight hours of sleep broken up into nine or ten equitemporal chunks. I seem to recall once reading that it takes an adult, on average, 3 hours to enter R.E.M. sleep, and also that if one is prevented from dreaming for prolonged periods of time, one goes insane. Well, it seems as though Luca is putting this to the test.

We're trying very hard to get Luca integrated into his day-care, but not having much success. Our provider has nine children in total, and keeps them in an apartment designed for the children. It's a wonderful setup, but he's not really having fun with the other kids. He's the youngest, and I think he finds the older children intimidating. As it stands now, I can only work half days, since he refuses to sleep at the daycare. The worst of it is that he's also going through an insecure phase, and really doesn't want to be out of sight of his parents, so leaving him there in the mornings is a traumatic event for both him and me. I swear, starting your Monday morning off crying on the way to work because you can't get your child's frightened sobbing out of your head does not put one in the mood for work. Sigh.