Here are a few more phrases taken from French and commonly used in the English language:

  • Coup d'état: military overthrow of a government in power
  • Rendez-vous: a meeting, an appointment
  • RSVP (which stands for Répondez s'il vous plaît): Please respond, especially used with formal invitations
  • Noblesse oblige: the obligation of people of high social position to behave nobly towards others
  • Ménage à trois: If you don't know, I suggest you do some random web searches and follow any lewd link you can find; you'll stumble across it at some point
  • Milieu: environment
  • Voila: an exclamation meaning "Here you go!" or "There you have it!"
  • Voulez vous couchez avec moi?: Would you like to sleep with me? (Made famous by some god-awful rap song).